Chic Bob Haircut Ideas
Chic Bob Haircut Ideas

10 Pretty Bob Haircut Ideas for the Latest Trends

Bob Haircut Ideas – Nowadays, bob haircut is getting attention, especially celebrities. You can make bob hair with curly textures and even straight curls, both which are equally adorable. Basically, a bob hairstyle is a freestyle cut that fits any face shape.

Bob Haircut Ideas
Bob Haircut Ideas

You know? This hairstyle is known as one of the classic hairstyles because it was first popularized by Marilyn Monroe with her curly bob and Cleopatra with a blunt bob combined with bangs.

Planning to cut your hair when self-quarantine ends? If you need ideas, why not get your hair cut in a bob? The bob haircut looks simple, but it makes the face look fresh. Moreover, the bob hairstyle is a trend this year.

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What kind of bob haircut do you want? Various variations of bob hair are now starting to appear. For that, Clarissa has selected some pretty bob haircut ideas that you can make a reference.

10 Pretty Bob Haircut Ideas for the Latest Trends

Alanna Arrington's Curly Lob
Alanna Arrington’s Curly Lob – This curly lob looks really pretty, right? You won’t even care that your bangs touch your eyelids. Apply curly cream all over your hair so that the texture of your curls lasts long and stays moisturised.
Bob Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles
Bob Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyles – Choose long bangs and wavy bob like Vanessa Hudgens for your fresh look. Apply a small amount of wax hair to dry hair to add shine and define the shape of your haircut.
Emma Roberts Short Hair
Emma Roberts Short Hair – Want to look a little shorter in the bob affect? Introduce: Baby bob! To keep your hair under control, use a little mousse on the comb and then apply it all over your hair.
Julianne Hough Haircut
Julianne Hough Haircut – A wavy bob might look tough to apply, but it’s actually quite easy to make. Try replacing your curling iron with a curling wand to create smooth, more defined waves.
Kerry Washington's Hairstyle
Kerry Washington’s Hairstyle – Create your bob with lots of layered texture and a blunt center. To get the final result, scrub your hair strands by applying a texturizing spray.
Kim Kardashian's Sleek Lob
Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Lob – If you don’t feel brave enough to cut your hair short, a long bob can be the right choice. Use a curling iron only at the ends of your hair to create a bob just like the Kim Kardashian look.
Lucy Boynton's Middle-Parted Bob
Lucy Boynton’s Middle-Parted Bob – This Bohemian Rhapsody Actress bob looks absolutely cool. The texture looks very alive. You can try it by applying wave spray and then gently rubbing your hair in dry conditions to create a texture like this.
Lucy Hale's Ombre Lob
Lucy Hale’s Ombre Lob – Lucy Hale’s Ombre Bob is the perfect way to change the look of your hair without having to do any high-maintenance, because the natural roots of your hair will blend right away.
Simi Haze Haircut Ideas
Simi Haze Haircut Ideas – Follow the baby-bangs trend with this cute bob haircut. Use conditioner to freshen your bangs when your hair looks limp.
Yvonne Orji Blunt Bob
Yvonne Orji Blunt Bob – Use a sharp, blunt cut like Yvonne Orji to give your bob a fresh and cool look. Apply hair oil to the ends of your hair to keep it looking sleek and soft.

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