15 Awesome Backyard Patio Design Ideas To Relax You

Spectacular Backyard Patio Design

Backyard patio is a garden in your house or garden that is placed in the backyard of your home building area, a kind of small garden to decorate your mini-landscape building. The point is making air circulation so that residents of the house become fresher, healthier and more natural. Patio …

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20 Fantastic DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas You Can Try Now!

Top DIY vegetable garden box

Having your own vegetable garden at home will provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy various vegetables and other kitchen needs that can be planted in home gardens. Adding a fresh atmosphere with a variety of vegetable plants in your garden not only gets visual …

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9 Beautiful Perennial Flowers That Bloom in 2020

Beautiful Perennial Flowers

Beautiful perennial flowers are decoration from any place. But annual planning, preparation and working on new flowers is not an easy and expensive business. Because of this, many gardeners make their lives easier and plant perennial flowers. Required minimal maintenance, plants live from 2 years to several decades. The gardener …

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13 Creative DIY Garden Ideas for Beginners

DIY Indoor Vertical Gardens

The growing opinion in society that the application of the concept of “Gardening” is something expensive and complicated is not always true. In fact, gardening can be done in a very simple way and at the lowest possible cost. Creativity is the main key to implementing DIY gardens to reduce …

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10+ Creative Garden Path Ideas for Beautiful Houses

Stunning and Creative Walkways Ideas

Garden path ideas have a huge impact on enhancing the aesthetics of your garden and outdoor spaces. Basically, the path is just a means to get through the garden without getting your shoes dirty and without damaging the grass. A creative and unique garden path will contribute to the beauty …

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