How to Build a Swimming Pool in Narrow Land

Swimming pool is one of the artificial construction in which it is filled with water. Swimming pool can be entertainment in your home. You can swim, dive, or do other water activities in the pool. Generally, swimming pools are built in houses that have large areas. Even so, it turns out that even a house with narrow land can have its own swimming pool.

We hope this post can inspire the experience of readers who want to create a small swimming pool with the design you want. Before you decide to choose a swimming pool contractor or want to build your own, you should read my post this time, How to Build a Swimming Pool in Narrow Land.

Oval Swimming Pool Ideas
Oval Swimming Pool Ideas

Let’s follow how to build a swimming pool in the following narrow area!

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Know the Minimum Pool Size

For swimming pools with narrow land it is better to have a size of 6 x 2 meters if the shape is elongated. The land needed to make this swimming pool must be 8 x 2 meters. Don’t forget to choose a skimmer for a minimalist swimming pool irrigation system. The skimmer system can clean your pool automatically. For large swimming pools used overflow systems equipped with water circulation devices to move it.

Choosing an Oval Shape

Most swimming pools with narrow land have an oval shape. Oval shape swimming pool is able to blend with the surrounding natural scenery. Swimming pool for houses that have narrow land can also be rectangular in the form of vacant land available at the corner of the building and limited.

Choosing Swimming Pool Construction Materials

There are two main choices of building materials needed to build a swimming pool, namely concrete and fiber. If you have a large enough budget, you can use concrete. Concrete material is known to have high density, strength and is more durable than other materials. If your budget is limited, you can choose fiber materials that are cheaper than concrete.

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For swimming pool floors, you can choose a ceramic floor that has a rough texture. So you do not slip easily. Also consider the design and color choices of ceramics, to create a beautiful swimming pool. Even more beautiful if around the pond there are lush plants to protect some sides of the pool from the sun and feel cooler. Make sure the lush plants that you plant don’t fall out easily.

Depth of Swimming Pool

For the depth of the pool can be around 1-1.5 meters. Design a swimming pool with infinite edges that are as high as the ground level. Don’t forget to take care of the swimming pool afterwards so that it is not easily cloudy and does not damage construction. To make your ideal swimming pool don’t forget to make calculations for the pool budget itself.

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Swimming Pool Designs
Swimming Pool Designs

Tomaintain the pool construction, you must be diligent in caring for the pool itself. Here’s a simple way to treat a swimming pool that you can do:

Use a Water Filter

To separate impurities from pool water, you can use a water filter. The higher the capacity of the water filter, the better the quality of the water produced.

Clean Regularly

Don’t forget to clean the swimming pool regularly to prevent mold. You can brush the crust attached to the pond. You can use Algaecidae once a week. You can also use a net to pick up plastic trash or leaves that fall into the pool.

Maintain Acidity

It is important to maintain the acidity of swimming pool water which is around 80-120 ppm. You can add baking soda to balance the acidity.

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