10+ Pretty Summer Outfits for the 2020 Trend

Girly Summer outfit

During the summer, you will find people wearing shirts and shorts. The combination of these two types of clothes will make someone look more attractive than before. A cheerful and relaxed impression is perfect if added with simple accessories such as hats. In addition, this accessory can protect your face …

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Trending Gen Z Tattoos You Must See

Unique Gen Z Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo was chosen to express oneself or symbolize a union. Currently, many countries are discussing the concept of a Gen Z tattoo that is buzzing on TikTok. “For those of you who are in the Gen Z category, let’s unite,” wrote the TikTok account @smoothavacado in the video caption …

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10 Cool OOTD Jeans Ideas, Really Simple!

Prilly Latuconsina OOTD

Jeans are one of the timeless fashion items. Whenever and wherever jeans remain the mainstay of young people in expressing themselves through fashion. For both men and women, it is mandatory to have jeans in their fashion collection. Jeans are also suitable to be combined with various tops. Combining jeans …

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20 Pretty Party Dresses for a Fashionable Look

Korean Party Dress

Every woman who will attend a party, be it a wedding, prom, birthday party or other formal parties, must want to look perfect in various ways, from hairdos, make-up to choosing the dress used. One of the things that is always a problem for women in appearance is when they …

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25 Pretty Valentine Outfits For A Dazzling Look

Best Pretty Valentines Outfits

What mix and match outfits are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day? It’s a shame if you only look normal on the day full of love that falls on February 14th. Many women out there celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out with their boyfriends, hanging out with friends and even having …

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30 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Arts You’ll Love

Red Heart Nails For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Nail Arts – If you always want to be different and attractive, surely you will also give a different appearance for Valentine’s Day, right? One of the things you can do to look beautiful is to paint your nails. Usually, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red. However, if …

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