Colorful Small Living Room
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25 Trendy Small Living Room Designs You Must Have

Even though it only has a small living room size, that doesn’t mean you can’t arrange the interior design ideally. Sometimes some people still think if they pay too much attention to the interior design of the house, it’s the same as wasting money. Though interior design doesn’t have to be fancy. Just use the simple method and make sure the placement is correct. If the design of your living…

Spectacular Backyard Patio Design
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15 Awesome Backyard Patio Design Ideas To Relax You

Backyard patio is a garden in your house or garden that is placed in the backyard of your home building area, a kind of small garden to decorate your mini-landscape building. The point is making air circulation so that residents of the house become fresher, healthier and more natural. Patio garden ideas can be applied into your home building, either in the front yard or in the backyard of the…

Home Ventilator
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Create a Healthy Home with a House Ventilation Idea

One way to live happily is to stay healthy. Maintaining your health can also be done in various ways, you know! Ranging from sports, eating nutritious foods, to meditation for mental health. But did you know that a healthy place to live is also very important?

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How to Build a Swimming Pool in Narrow Land

Swimming pool is one of the artificial construction in which it is filled with water. Swimming pool can be entertainment in your home. You can swim, dive, or do other water activities in the pool. Generally, swimming pools are built in houses that have large areas. Even so, it turns out that even a house with narrow land can have its own swimming pool.

Minimalist Bedroom Interior
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20 Best Minimalist Bedroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Prevent COVID-19, What Is The Most Ideal Office Interior Design? The popularity of minimalist home design ideas is no doubt, especially the typical monochrome color designs that are increasingly in demand. Similarly, minimalist bedroom designs. Minimalist bedroom design will always look perfect and the aesthetic value given will not fade with time. The bedroom, which is a resting place, should be warm and not hurt the eyes. With a minimal…

Creative home balcony
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30 Great Home Balcony Design and Decorating Ideas

Having space to be able to interact with the outside area while still maintaining privacy is the reason why a balcony is needed at home. As a place to relax, the balcony is expected to bring a sense of comfort. Actually, the function of the balcony is the same as the terrace on the ground floor. In terms of the view obtained, the balcony is able to provide a broad…

Amazing Woodworking Projects
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15 Easy and Creative Woodworking Projects for the Season

Prevent COVID-19, What Is The Most Ideal Office Interior Design? Crafts can be made from various objects around us. One of the materials that are made by crafts is wood. This one material requires full accuracy and perseverance to process it. Adequate tools are also very necessary when making woodworking projects on this one. Quality skills are also needed so that the results are more optimal. This woodworking project can…

Oriental Poppies
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Stunning Poppies That Bloom from Spring to Early Summer

Presenting a flower garden at home is a smart idea. In addition to channeling a hobby, the presence of a flower garden makes the house look more beautiful. Flower gardens can be presented either in front of the house, beside the house or behind the house in accordance with the available land. One of the flower garden ideas that will be discussed this time is the poppy garden. Poppies are…

Top DIY vegetable garden box
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20 Fantastic DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas You Can Try Now!

Having your own vegetable garden at home will provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy various vegetables and other kitchen needs that can be planted in home gardens. Adding a fresh atmosphere with a variety of vegetable plants in your garden not only gets visual beauty, but also an additional supply of fresh vegetable ingredients from the home garden.

Unique Farmhouse Dining Table
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10 Cozy Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas Trend 2020

In addition to the family room, there is one more area in the house that is usually used as a gathering place with the family. Moments to eat with family while chatting makes the dining room the second favorite place to gather. However, to support this moment of togetherness must be supported by a friendly and warm atmosphere. One style that can be applied is the concept of a farmhouse…